Rockin' Wood Guitar Pizza Cutter

Jazz up your next pizza party with this comfortable to hold Rockin' Guitar Pizza Cutter.

Slash through a mouth-watering pizza with ease during your next Jam Session.

Your pizza cutter is Useful for so much more...

  • Cut French Toast into sticks or small pieces

  • Cut Pancakes and Waffles

  • Cut Deliciously Rich Brownies

  • Cut Hot Dogs and Sausage Links

  • Cut Homemade Noodles

  • and many more uses for your pizza cutter - be creative :)

Having A New Pizza Cutter Can Make All The Difference

Whether you have an old dull pizza cutter and need a new one or have a loved one that could use a cool guitar gift.  The Rockin' Guitar Pizza Cutter is a Fun and Useful accessory to have in the Kitchen.


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