Personalized Acoustic Guitar USB Flash Drive
Personalized Acoustic Guitar USB Flash Drive
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Personalized Acoustic Guitar USB Flash Drive


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Raquel M from Briarwood bought this item recently.

Personalized Acoustic Guitar USB Flashdrive

You wander around the house.

Hey Bob, do you know where I put that piece of paper?

I don’t know.. the games on.

Well, It had my latest idea for a song I’m going to write.

I’ll be free on a commercial..

Do you have any more salsa?

Ugh.. No. I just want to find that piece of paper!

Why don’t you just put all your song writing ideas

on a Flash Drive?

Because, it sounds complicated.

You know I can barely work my own phone.

Well, its super easy.

Just save all your songs in a word document.

Plug in the flashdrive, and drag all the ideas

into the flashdrive folder.

You could add different folders for different genres..

Ya know something..

You could get different flash drives for different occasions.

A cross flash drive for favorite bible versus..

A tree flash drive for your family photos.

or even a guitar usb flashdrive for your favorite songs.

I know a guy who could even personalize it for you.

Plus they have options for memory sizes.

Say you want to save a bunch of songs, you may

want more memory like the 16gb 0r 32gb.

However if you are going to say,

get a guitar flashdrive to save a few

concert photos.. you might only need

a 4gb or 8gb flashdrive.

Eitherway, its worth considering

getting organized.

SHIPPING:  It can take 3-5 days to get order processed & laser engraved.



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