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11 creative gifts for your boyfriend under 100 dollars

11 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Under $100 Dollars

11 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend Under 100 Dollars

We are here to help you find a creative gift that your boyfriend will love.

We can’t F this up!

It’s your man’s birthday and we have to show him that you care.

If you’ve been slacking on cooking him epic meals, well… lol. 

then you really need to consider stepping your game up and at least give him a cool birthday gift he’ll love.

Don’t worry girl, I got your back!

After 2 meals, 3 diet cokes, a crap load of searching, 2 finger calluses, and still no girlfriend…  

I was able to eliminate a majority of the boring gifts out there and compile 11 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for your boyfriend under 100 dollars that will make him brag to his buddies about how cool his girl is..

This Wood Docking Station Is A Practical Birthday Gift Idea For Your Boyfriend.

Your man comes home after a hard days work with pockets filled with stuff ranging from, loose change, wallet, phone, shades, chapstick, lighter, who knows, earbuds, pocket knife. etc.. 

The wood docking station presents an affordable solution.   

Keep in mind this also benefits you.  

You get more dresser space, if he’s currently scattering his stuff all over the dresser like a dog marking it’s territory at the park.¬†¬†

You can narrow that down to the wood docking station to get organized.  

¬†Limit that mans reckless behavior to the dimensions of – 9″ x 6.5″ x 8.7″ and it’s made from European Ash Tree Wood if that means anything to ya.


Here’s a fun birthday gift idea for your beer drinking boyfriend.

Whether you want to take on your boyfriend in a 1on1 flip cup competition to see who takes out the trash.

or maximize your fun with friends over a drunkin entertaining good time.  

The Mini Flip Cup Game Is A Birthday Gift Your Boyfriend Will Actually Like.

I love supporting companies like this.  Handcrafted in the heart of Minneapolis, MN.  Using Locally Sourced Wood.

Thanks to the desktop mini flip cup board, everyone’s favorite party game is now more portable than ever.¬†¬†

Start working on that finger flicking finesse if you plan on winning in this cool game of mini flip cup.

Here’s a creative birthday gift for your boyfriend. The Whiskey Stone Gift Set Is a perfect gift for the gun loving whiskey boyfriend.

He’ll appreciate the quality of the handmade wooden box, velvet pouch, tongs, the set of 6 Extra Large Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones, and the 2 eleven ounce Twisted Whiskey Glasses.¬†

  If he loves sipping his whiskey for the flavor, he will appreciate his Drink Staying Cold Much Longer with Zero Dilution from the ice.  

Any whiskey lover knows how annoying it can be when your high-end whiskey loses its flavor from the ice watering down your drink.   

It’s almost as if the whiskey is adding peer pressure.¬† “Drink me fast or I will take away the flavor that you came here for in the first place.”

Does your boyfriend love to kick back snackin on pistachios and peanuts while watching the game?  

If so, this stylishly handcrafted ancient olive wood dish makes for a creative gift idea for your boyfriend.

It will look great on any end table and goes good with some of the other fun gifts
like the beeropoly game.

Some of the wood used for these gorgeous nibbler bowls is up to 400 years old.. Wowzers..

And the skilled maker only uses hand tools.  You say what!?  I know, impressive!

For those reasons and more, is why we recommend this gift for your boyfriends birthday.

If he likes watching baseball, this fun baseball board game is a creative birthday gift idea for your boyfriend.

 From the very first game it is easy to learn and fun for hours! 

It’s a sturdy piece weighing in at 3lbs. Designed to last.¬†

And the dry erase scoreboard makes it easy to change out team names and update scores with no paper mess. 

Invite friends over and turn it into a drinking game or bond with family over a competitive game on on the baseball board.

Well…Hold My Beer! Here’s a handmade beer board game full of shenanigans.

Party Animal Approved! This is a perfect gift for the beer lover in the house that likes to get rowdy on the weekends.

Maximize his birthday with Beeropoly, a hilarious game sure to bring everyone out of there comfort zone and into the fun zone.

A slingshot! Are you nuts!? I know, I know.. Hear me out…

Every 12 year old boy loves a slingshot..

If your boyfriend still has that fun inner 12yr old in him.. This will be a cool & creative birthday gift for your boyfriend that he’ll love.

It’s probably not something he’s going to go out and buy.

But when he receives it. WARNING!

– Bring the Popcorn, you’re in for some entertaining stories..¬†

There is a lot of good options for slingshots. 

We found this one to be our favorite as it’s a High Velocity Professional Grade Slingshot 10x better than anything we played with as a kid and for under 25, you can’t go wrong.¬†

It comes with everything needed to start knocking down pop cans in the backyard.

When your boyfriend is in the backyard with a whiskey in one hand and a slingshot in the other..

He’s thinking 2 things.

Life is Good. & Where’s The Tunes?..

That’s where the stylish portable wood bluetooth speaker comes in..

Staying charged for 12 hours at a crack, this gem will play crisp, clear, tunes while staying bluetooth connected upto 69 feet away.

After your boyfriend accidentally shatters a few windows with the slingshot..

You can double down on the entertaining day and use the external port to connect a microphone and jump right into some Justin Bieber Karaoke.

Joking aside, this is a very nice looking and affordable bluetooth speaker that would make a nice birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Cold December Day, Tailgating at the Packer Game, several beers deep.

We stumble upon a Loudly Cheering group.

From a distance it appeared as if they were surrounding a craps table and just hit a big win. As we got closer, we realized it was a bunch of finely tuned athletes playing an intense game of table top mini beer pong.

That mini beer pong table brought everyone together for an intensely fun tailgating experience.

If your boyfriend likes going to the games or having buddies over on the weekend.

He will surely love the well built Mini Beer Pong Gift. Plus his buddies will think you’re cool.

Is your boyfriend a walking beerclopedia?

If so, I’m sure he’s always trying new beers from new locations.

Having a beer map will make for an awesome talking piece that will allow him to puke out his beer wizardry knowledge.

Whenever a man can talk about his passion, he’s happy!

So checkout the USA Beer Map if your boyfriend is a beer connoisseur.

If your boyfriend suffers from dry irritated skin.¬† He’s going to love this Ultimate Beard Kit.¬†¬†

His awesome experience will start with opening an old cigar box.

He’ll find a high quality wood comb, organic beard oil, beard balm, soap, and moustache wax inside.

After he uses it, he’ll see how easy it lathers up.¬† And more important, how it doesn’t cause skin breakouts, flaking, or irritation.

This truly is a Ultimate Beard Kit worth looking at getting for your mans birthday.

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Thank you so much for checking out our list of creative birthday gifts for your boyfriend under $100.   I hope it helped give you some ideas.

By the way, If you’re boyfriend happens to play guitar, you can check out or list of Unique Guitar gifts For Your Boyfriend.¬†

Or If you want to check out gifts for her. – Check out our list of guitar gifts for her.

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