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This is so cute. Well made. My Son-in-Law loved it. He's a musician and he loves things made from wood. So it was a win-win.
Nice detail. Good construction. My friend loves this.
Beautifully made! The case made for an awesome presentation. I bought one for my husband and one for my son. They both loved it!!
I ordered three of these as Christmas stocking stuffers for my three guitar players and I was so pleased when they came in! The craftsmanship was lovely and they make such a fantastic gift. Couldn't be happier with this guitar lover's flash drive!
Awesome craftsmanship and Quality . Definitely a conversation piece.. I have enjoyed all the fine products that i have purchased from your company.. Would like to see more...
I love this; it was the perfect gift for my husband. Thank you!
Very, very pleased with this product.
This is such a unique and well made gift for any musician in your life. My son has been playing guitar for over fifteen years. He produces his own music tracks and I thought he would really like this to store some on. He loved it!
I absolutely loved it for my son, who is a singer/ rapper and i thought what a great place to save your music, he also plays guitar. I love that the magnets hold it together. Great job!!! I loved it so much and what wood work!! VERY NICE!! IMPRESSED! Thank you.
Not only cute but functional! Super idea and product!
Being a musician and a computer nerd he loved it.
My husband plays guitar and I bought these as a gift for him. He loved them!
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for a music teacher and she loved it.
Purchased two for family members who play guitar. They loved them. Great details.
Love this! Thank you!
Beautiful! So proud to have it.... such great workmanship! Just as advertised, only better!
I bought a pair of the glasses and gave them as a Christmas gift. I believe the word LOVE, LOVE was used many times!! Very Nice, Really Classy !
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