9 Unique Guitar Gifts For Your Boyfriend 2019

9 Unique Guitar Gifts For Your Boyfriend 2019

9 Unique Guitar Gifts For Your Boyfriend 2019

 Are you looking for unique guitar gifts for  that rockstar guitar player in your life?

Awesome!  You came to the right place!  Let’s get right to it!

1. Firefly Guitar Pick

Firefly Guitar Pick

Strum your six-string while putting on an LED Light Show with the Firefly Guitar Pick.   Multiple Color Patterns, Rechargeable via usb cable.  

2.  The Wing Man [Every Guitarist Needs A Wing Man]

The Wing Man [Every Guitarist Needs A Wing Man] Guitar Gift

The WingMan is a foot-controlled effects pedal knob that allows you to replace any factory knob and instantly gain real-time control over your effects parameters with your feet.  

3. Levy’s Leather Stretchable Guitar Strap [Mmm Comfort]

Levy's Leather Stretchable Guitar Strap

Do you get back pain when you play standing up too long?  If so, Levy’s Stretchable Black Leather Strap will help alleviate that pain. 


4. Guitar Triller [A New Kind Of Guitar Pick] 

Guitar Triller [Guitar Gifts For Him

Use it with pretty much any string instrument.  Create dozens of new sounds with the Guitar Triller Voted Top 10 Coolest Guitar Gear Innovations by Guitar Player Magazine.

5. Wooden Guitar Flash Drive [Store your latest hits in one place]

Wooden Guitar USB Flash Drive

Keep your important files at your fingertips with this Wooden Guitar Shaped USB Flash Drive.  Stay organized and keep all your songs, pictures, crazy concert memories ect. on this wooden guitar flash drive.

6. Guitar LunchBox [Great Guitar Gift For Boys]

Guitar Lunch Box [Guitar Gift For Boys]

For some reason, food tastes better coming out of a Guitar Lunchbox. The Coolest Kids Store Their Food In A Guitar LunchBox. Create your own style with the cool decals included.  

7. GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer

GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & Organizer [Gifts For Guitar Lovers]

It’s always good to have a set of quality guitar tools.  You can’t go wrong with this well organized Guitar Tool Kit By GIGmate.

8. Pick-A-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch

Pck-A-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch [Gifts For Guitar Lovers]

This one isn’t as unique, but it’s a fun one!  Never be pick-less again with the Pick-A-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch Take your old license cards, credit cards, hotel key cards etc.. Start making 1 of a kind guitar picks today. 

9. Portable Guitar Trainer – [Speed Up Your Guitar Playing]

Portable Guitar Trainer

Minimal Sound & Tons of Fun. Increase Finger Dexterity and Speed Up The Progress of your Guitar Playing with the Portable Guitar Trainer.

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Personalized Guitar USB Flashdrive

Personalized Guitar USB Flashdrive

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